Wikileaks may soon have a twin brother named TYLER if reports are to be believed. Wikileaks is the biggest online platform for whistleblowers and people wishing to share classified information not deemed suitable for public view and is a non profit organisation. It has raised many controversies since its inception in 2006. They have released many classified and confidential documents belonging to governments in different countries and the site has faced many threats and warnings but continues to flourish. Julian Assange is credited as the founder of the Wikileaks and is responsible for most major activities undertaken by Wikileaks. He has been criticized by many and applauded by a lot of people who believe that such documents should be revealed to the public who have a right to know the secret happenings.



Recently, however, the hacking group Anonymous has stated that they wish to develop and start a new platform where people with sensitive classified information can express and post their information online. The name of the project is said to be Tyler and will be launched on December 21. This project will be based on the same basic guidelines and principles as that of Wikileaks. This declaration was made by a representative of the group, who claimed to be representing the whole group in an online interview with the Voice of Russia. This is not very surprising as Anonymous has always vouched for Wikileaks and supported their campaign and helped in releasing the famous Syrian files, which was a collection of more than 2 million emails.

However, recent times have seen a rift growing up between the two organisations over many of the practices being undertaken by Wikileaks notably the decision to charge money from people wishing to view classified information on the site as opposed to the free of charge strategy used earlier. However, it is not clear whether a segment of the hacking group is annoyed with Wikileaks policies or the group as a whole is dissatisfied as Anonymous does not possess a fixed organisational structure.

The representative hacker for the group however mentioned that they consider Wikileaks recent policies as a violation of the ethics for which the organisation stood earlier. He has mentioned that Anonymous considers the charging of money as an insult to all activists and people associated with similar activists. Anonymous has become critical of the aggressive fundraising strategies and the lack of transparency concerning the financial transactions of Wikileaks itself. They have also claimed that they would like to release the financial details of Wikileaks if they get the opportunity.

However, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has defended these allegations by maintaining that fundraising is important to the running of the site and that their recent involvements have hurt their organisation financially.

Anonymous has made their mind about the release of TYLER and they have developed it using the peer to peer technology and without any fixed server so that activists don’t face any threat at all and this project is at the top of their priorities at present. Only time will tell how successful this new endeavour turns out to be.


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